World news: Norwegian protein supplement from a unique source

Romega Arctic Caviar Protein is a unique product produced from herring roe. A 100% natural supplement from one of natures purest sources. Romega Protein in tablets is ideal for people who are looking for an easy way to add nutritional protein to their body.


Romega Arctic Caviar Protein is 100% natural and clinically proven to have high absorption rates. The product is 100% marine sourced and the supplement is purely derived from herring caviar. It is made of 90% pure protein and also offers a complete amino acid profile. The tablets are small, easy to swallow and perfect as a protein supplement to any meal or before or after training.

100% Norwegian, gluten free, lactose free and non-GMO.

Romega®HCP Premium (protein)
High potency, complete protein derived exclusively from herring caviar. Neutral taste. Typical protein content of 88 g/100g.
Ingredients: Protein concentrate from Herring Caviar and tablet excipients

6 – 12 TABLETS
3-6g Protein concentrate from Herring Caviar

Nutrition facts…..Per daily serving (6 tabl.)

– of which sugars…..0.01g
Dietary fiber…..0.22g
Vitamin B12……0.52 µg

*of nutrient reference value



180 caps – Recommended daily dosage 6-12 tablets

Rated 5 out of 5

I started to feel positive changes in my over health and well being after using Romega for a month and I will keep using this product as it is a great product.


The world’s first marine sourced protein that is neutral taste and smell.

”Arctic Caviar Protein is a pure, marine protein which is neutral in smell and taste and is very effective. For a long time, we have worked on the perfect formula for a protein supplement made from herring caviar. What we’ve achieved is 90% pure in protein, rich in vitamin B12, low in carbohydrates and low on fat…and 100% natural. This is something we are very proud of. We recommend this product to anyone who needs to add more protein to their body, either as part of a weight reduction program or simply to increase muscle mass. Romega Caviar Protein helps you grow muscle whilst having a very unique effect on burning fat.

CEO Romega
Hogne Hallaraker

Unique raw material and extraction method

Our products and processes are based on extensive scientific research and analysis.

This video depicts how we maintain manufacturing standards of the highest quality at all times. Watch the video.

Sigrun Knardal

Why Romega Arctic Caviar Protein

90% Pure Protein

90% of the content in every tablet is pure herring caviar protein and contains a full essential amino acid profile.

87% of people have too litte protein in their diet

Having enough protein in your diet is crucial to stabilise your weight and maintain muscle mass. By adding protein, you’ll activate and repair your muscles as they’re being broken down whilst simultaneously increasing your metabolism. If you’re only eating bread or corn for breakfast and perhaps having a salad for lunch, there is a high likelihood that you are not getting enough protein. Supplements with the right kind of protein are an easy way to stimulate fat burning and maintain muscle mass.

98% Absorption

There are a lot of different proteins on the market and not all are created equal. Romega Arctic Caviar Protein is clinically proven to have an absorption rate of 95-98%. The reason for this is the marine source from eggs (caviar) which is bioavailable in to the human body. The extraction method for Romega, which is patented and unique, also plays a part. The long protein chains from meat can often be hard for the body to break down. The short marine protein molecules however, are much easier to absorb. Arctic Caviar Protein is the most bioavailable marine protein on the market.